Did you put on Tefillin today?

Check out this #TELFIE from Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Where is an interesting place you’ve put on Tefillin? We would love to see it! Join us as we celebrate together with Chabad.org, 50 years devoted to the wonderful work of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, placing […]

“Today we were walking up Amsterdam Ave. after having brunch with two delicious alumni. Soon we realized that we needed to get back to our apartment to prepare for an alumnus’ wedding this evening.”

Shortly after getting ourselves seated in the back of a taxi, we noticed that the driver was an older, white woman. Unusual. She soon asked where we were from. First we replied Boston and then added Brooklyn. “Where in Brooklyn?” she asked. “Crown Heights?” “Yes,” we replied. “You are Lubavitchers. […]

“Greetings from the Land Down Under.”

“Thank G-d all arrived well and mostly sane after the seemingly endless flight. As I rose from my place for a seventh “inning” stretch, a fellow passenger made his way up the aisle and greeted me with “shalom”. He was hands down the most exotic looking passenger on the plane, […]

Grandchildren of holocaust survivors, light the first candle of Chanukah in Auschwitz ll-Birkenau concentration camp,

At the ‘Living Links – Chabad on Campus’ trip to Poland, Deena, Noa, and Rachel, grandchildren of holocaust survivors, light the first candle of Chanukah in Auschwitz ll-Birkenau concentration camp, promising to continue the flame. #LivingLinks #SharetheLights #AmIsraelChai Source: Bentzi Sasson

On Tuesday November 22, 2016 Wayne State Police officer Colin Rose, 29 was shot in the head while patrolling a neighborhood in Detroit.

WSP has been a good friend and neighbor to Chabad of Greater Downtown Detroit helping out Rabbi Yisrael Pinson with setting his famous shipping container Sukkah and providing security patrols for the Chabad House. Rabbi Pinson, who represents Jewish Hospice and Chaplaincy Network in the city of Detroit was getting […]

🇺🇸 HISTORIC NIGHT: For the first time ever, Chabad has a Rabbi in all 50 U.S. states!

Last night it was finally official, South Dakota will have it’s own resident Rabbi. Now that is worth celebrating! Some 5,600 Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries and their guests gathered last night in Brooklyn for the Gala banquet of the annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries. #Kinus #Chabad #Lubavitch #Rabbi Source: Bentzi Sasson


When an #Imam tells you they made sure to get you a special #kosher meal. When you don’t have to worry about shaking the male attendees’ hands because they all get it. When there are breaks for prayer (that was so beautiful). And when everyone in the room has an […]